Stairlifts: What You Need to Know

Senior woman is climbing stairs with home caregiver

Are you or a family member having trouble getting up and down the stairs at home? It may be time to consider an alternative option. Stairlifts will make it much easier and safer to navigate the stairs without having to move to a more accessible home.

A stairlift, also known as a chair lift or stairway lift, is starting to become the most common solution for those who are no longer able to safely navigate the stairs. Most people prefer to stay at home because of the comfort and security it provides them.

Installing a stairlift takes away the stress that comes with living in a two story home with family members that are unable to climb the stairs. Here are some of the other benefits:


Safety is often the most common reason why people have a stairlift installed in their home. Aging or living with a disability makes it difficult to navigate stairs. The installation of a stairlift will instantly provide a safe way to access all levels of a home. Some may think that walking up and down the stairs is a good way to exercise, but that is not true for people who have limited mobility. One missed step while climbing up or down a staircase can result in a serious injury.


Everyone enjoys being independent, especially at home. When the stairs are no longer manageable for people, their independence is taken from them. Bedrooms are often moved to the first level and the basement is no longer accessible.  However, with the addition of a stairlift, independence can often be restored and folks don’t have to feel like they are a burden to their family.


In addition to increased safety, a stairlift also provides convenience and comfort. You don’t have to stress about climbing the stairs. A chair lift will give you a safe, relaxing, and smooth ride to the upper level of your home. If something is forgotten upstairs, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to find enough strength to climb back up the stairs. These lifts are most commonly used by people who need to safely get between the levels of their home; however, stairlifts can also be used to move laundry baskets up and down the stairs or boxes that are hard to carry.

If you are considering getting a stairlift in your home, give us a call to schedule your free consultation. We can evaluate your needs and answer your questions. Installation time is quick and non-disruptive. At Mobility Access Options NW, we will help you make the decision to make your life easier with the help of a stairlift.

What is a patient lift?

man with disability being transferred in a patient lift

man with disability being transferred in a patient liftA patient lift is a device that helps a caregiver transfer a patient with limited mobility from the bed to a chair and back. Patient lifts are operated either manually or automatically. A manual lift is operated by hydraulic-manual pumping. An automatic lift is operated by an electric motor. All of our patient lifts are designed to be operated by a caregiver or family member at home.

At Mobility Access Options NW, we offer different types of lifts:

  • Floor Models
  • Freestanding Units
  • Ceiling Mounted Units
  • Travel Units

The type of lift you need will depend on the size and layout of the room. It will also depend on what your needs are. We understand that one solution cannot accommodate everyone’s unique situation.  To supplement this demand, we offer a full range of lifts and other home care safety products. The products are designed to provide you or a loved one with independence. Let us provide you with the right lift that will fit your unique needs and care environment.

We just put a lift system in a home for a woman whose taking care of her husband. It got to the point where she couldn’t lift him anymore. Having an automatic patient lift installed in her home has really helped make both of their lives much easier.

With patient lifts, private insurance will sometimes pay for these lifts and so will the Veterans Health Administration. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Choosing a Company in the Mobility Industry

mobility access options nw is experience in the mobility industry

You need to make your home more accessible. Now what? Find a company to make the modifications. When you are looking for a great company in the mobility industry there are a couple things to consider.

mobility access options nw is experience in the mobility industryLook for a company that has been around for a while. Mobility Access Options NW has over 30 years of experience in the mobility industry. We have a good idea of what customers need in their home.

Look for a company that has a good reputation. A company’s reputation speaks volumes to their knowledge. And shows how well they take care of their customers. We have many positive reviews from companies and customers.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work that we provide to you. Sometimes you may need carpet removed or an electrical outlet for specific modifications. If an installation requires any kind of renovation we can help set you up with a professional contractor. When it comes to the installation of your products we only use products and companies that we believe in and trust. We’ve done our research and know that the products we choose are going to last.

We work directly with our manufacturers. Our technicians are trained to install their products professionally. We do not provide products to customers that can be purchased online to install themselves. Having a professional team like us ensures that your lifts and ramps are installed properly. When done properly everyone is safe. If you are in the market for a mobility device or accessible modifications for your home, look no further than Mobility Access Options NW.

What is the process for getting a stairlift in your home?

a bruno stairlift or chair lift demo unit in Salem Oregon

Are you wondering what our process is for getting you the perfect stairlift for your home? Getting a stairlift is easy. First, we will come and do a free evaluation of your home and determine your needs. We have stairlifts for all kinds of uses. Sometimes we will use vertical platform lifts in a home to help an individual who cannot use the stairs because they’re using a wheelchair or scooter. Once it is determined that a lift is needed, we will look at your stairway to make sure there is adequate space for a stairlift or vertical platform lift.

Here are some of the things we consider when evaluating your needs:

  • Are you able to sit/stand?
  • Will the home accept a lift? (are the stairways wide enough, etc.)
  • Can you operate it by yourself?
  • How many lifts do you need?

Do you have an outside stairway? That is not a problem as stairlifts and vertical platform lifts are built to handle outdoor conditions. At Mobility Access Options NW, we carry Bruno lifts which are made in the United States and very reliable. We have a long-standing reputation with the company and while we can repair just about any brand, we prefer to install reliable Bruno products.

People living in their home for decades don’t want to move, but a disability might force them to. Stairlifts can help people who suffer with:

  • Weak knees
  • Back Problems
  • Vertigo
  • Balance Issues
  • Diabetes
  • MS
  • ALS

Contact us to find out more about getting a stairlift and other services we offer.

How to Choose the Best Stairlift

woman with disability riding stairlift or chair lift up stairsChoosing the best stairlift can help you comfortably live in your home without the challenge of climbing stairs. Below are a few considerations to help you determine the best stairlift for your unique needs and home.

  • How much open space is needed on the steps? Bruno’s vertical rail design allows the stairlift to be installed closer to the wall than any other brand in the industry, leaving plenty of open space on your steps.
  • Are there children or pets in the home?  With Bruno’s unique vertical stairlift rail, the gear rack is tucked neatly inside a covered, sleek rail.
  • Is a smooth, quiet ride essential? Renowned for superior engineering, Bruno stair lifts offer an exceptionally smooth, stable and quiet ride from start to finish.
  • What is the weight of stairlift user? If a user is over the stairlift’s weight limit, it will overburden the engine. That’s why Bruno stairlifts offers 300 lb and 400 lb lift capacities (136 kg to 181 kg).
  • Are power options desired? Bruno indoor stairlifts can be customized with a power swivel seat, power footrest, power folding rail and other convenience-enhancing options.
  • Do you want peace of mind that help is a phone call away? Bruno stairlifts are sold, installed and serviced by authorized dealers in your community.
  • Is a stairlift made in the USA important to you?  A veteran-founded company, Bruno engineers and manufactures its chairlifts in Wisconsin.

With Bruno, you can rest assured you’re getting the best stairlift for nearly any home or situation.

Find out more by contacting us, your Oregon Bruno stairlift dealer.