Service & Repair

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Stairlift Repair & Maintenance

When you need professional repair and maintenance for your stairlift, give us a call. Our stairlift repair technicians are trained and certified. Your lift does not need to be purchased from us for service. Service available in Oregon only.


Wheelchair & Scooter Repair & Maintenance

We understand that your mobility equipment is an everyday necessity. We have trained service professionals that can provide service and repairs for your power chair or scooter at our authorized repair shop. We also perform in-home service calls in the event that you are unable to transport your scooter or power chair to our store.

Patient Lift Repair & Maintenance

Keep lifts working their best with regular maintenance and cleaning. Watch for loose or worn parts, lubricate all pivot points, and check slings each time the lift is used for wear and tear.

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Lift Chair Repair & Maintenance

Your chair will require routine maintenance checks. Some of you can perform some of these checks, but others may require assistance from us, your authorized retailer. By following the suggested annual maintenance checks, you can help ensure your chair gives you years of trouble-free operation.

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Commercial Lift Service & Repair

At Mobility Access Options NW, we are a licensed & insured elevator contractor. We offer Annual Safety Inspections for commercial lifts and elevator equipment. These commercial annual inspections are required in most areas to obtain an annual certificate of operation. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection at 971-304-7464.