EZ-Access Residential Ramps

ezaccess gateway ramp

Accessibility Products for your Residence

Threshold Ramps

Whether it’s at your front door, inside of your garage, or on your back deck, chances are every part of your home is not on the same level. EZ-ACCESS has a variety of entry ramps, mats, and plates that can help provide a smooth transition over raised thresholds.

Portable Ramps

EZ-ACCESS portable ramps include a variety of foldable ramps in the SUITCASE® line and solid surface, one-piece ramps in the GATEWAY™ 3G line. Each ramp is made of durable aluminum and features a slip-resistant surface that you’ll be able to use safely in all weather conditions.

Modular Ramps

The PATHWAY® 3G Modular Access System consists of ramps, stairs, and platforms, all of which may be combined and configured in a variety of ways to provide a customized access solution for your home.