Threshold Ramps


EZ-Access Threshold Ramps

Whether it’s at your front door, inside of your garage, or on your back deck, chances are every part of your home is not on the same level. If you’re looking to reduce the risk of tripping and make it easier for mobility device users and shuffle steppers to move through your home’s doorways, EZ-ACCESS has a variety of entry ramps, mats, and plates that can help provide a smooth transition over raised thresholds.

Angled Entry Ramp

This ramp offers adjustable legs with swivel feet to accommodate different heights in doorways or uneven surfaces.

Modular Entry Ramp

This ramp creates a safe slip-resistant surface for easy accessibility into the next room over doorways or raised landings.

Angled Entry Mat

This mat allows easy access through doorways and raised landings in high-traffic areas with heavy loads.

Modular Entry Mat

Designed for doorways and raised landings, the TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat can be used by itself or in a pair to make entry convenient and safe.

Angled Entry Plate

Single-piece, formed aluminum plate with a slip-resistant, applied surface, that helps eliminate trip hazards and accommodates most mobility devices.