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Door Opener on Commercial Building

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The Model 233 automatic door opening system is perfect for use in commercial applications like storefronts, schools, apartment lobby doors, screen doors, restrooms, or any application where the unit replaces a door closer. When activated by push pad or remote control the opener will go through the open-pause-close cycle. The system is easy to install and has low voltage which means no electrician is necessary for wiring. The units take up a small footprint and cost less than most other commercial units.

When the door is opened manually the door will power close as if it were operated by a spring or pneumatic closer. The Model 233 unit also includes a variable clutch which allows modification of the closing speed depending on need and wind conditions.

Standard Package includes:

group photo of open sesame door opener models

Model 233 Door Opener

Main component of the Open Sesame Door Opener System.

Door Opener Wireless Push Pad Handicap Symbol

Wireless Push Pads

Comes standard with 2 wireless push pads; other openers are also available.

open sesame door opener commercial wiring

Low Voltage Wiring Kit

Open Sesame automatic door openers use a low voltage 24-volt wiring kit which means electrical installation is easy and does not require hiring an electrician.


Mounts easily for any type of swinging door.

Parallel Mount

For outward opening doors that require a wider opening angle or have a recess. Also used for storm door and screen door applications.

open sesame door opener commercial wiring


Most installations take less than 2 hours – far less time and labor than most other door openers. Plus there’s no need to hire an electrician since the Open Sesame door opener is a safe low voltage device. Just plug in the 24 volt AC adapter to the nearest (within 30 ft) wall outlet, plug in the door opener to the small wall-mounted junction box, and you’re set.


The automatic door operator is electromechanical and provides for both powered opening and powered closing of a door. The door opener acts as a door closer when the door is manually opened, producing an ADA compatible closing force.

The unit shall contain an internal battery power supply to provide powered operation in the event of an external power failure. The unit shall be powered by 24 vac, external to the device under provisions of low voltage wiring, and is supplied with a 20 VA transformer requiring 115 vac 60 Hz service.

The operator shall be mounted according to drawings and instructions provided with each unit. The unit shall be capable of mounting on either door or lintel and shall provide door opening angles up to 120 degrees. Can also be used for gates if a rain shield is used to protect it.

The unit shall possess an adjustable hold-open feature allowing the door between 5 and 30 seconds for passage.

Electrical Specifications
Physical Applications


Two rugged wireless large or narrow wall push pads are included with the standard package. We also offer a deluxe package that includes two 36” high wireless wall switches. If necessary, a wireless keyless entry pad can be added to provide entry through a secure door without using a key.

Door Opener Wireless Push Pad Handicap Symbol

Large Wireless Wall Push Pad

Door Opener Narrow Wireless Push Pad Handicap Push To Open

Narrow Wireless Wall Push Pad

Door Opener 36" Vertical Push Pad

36" Vertical Push Pad

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