Patient Lifts

Handicare offers an array of patient lifts for home use, including ceiling lifts and portable patient lifts. At Mobility Access Options NW, we provide Handicare's complete line of lifts and transfer aids to mechanically assist individuals and caregivers in implementing safe handling techniques and promoting caregiver safety.

Let us provide you with the right lift that will fit your unique needs and care environment.


Portable Lifts

Portable Ceiling Lifts can be used to easily and safely transfer patients or residents in home care or institutional environments. They are light and portable and can be easily moved wherever it's needed, but still high-quality, meeting and exceeding all international product standards governing hospital patient lifts.


Fixed Lifts

Overhead Ceiling Lifts allow those with limited space who cannot use a floor based lift the ability to transfer people with ease. We have both permanent Ceiling Track Systems for more complex needs, as well as portable ceiling lifts that install in minutes by one of our trained professionals.


Free Standing Lift Systems

Free standing lift systems are a sturdy, and economical choice for a patient lift system. This system is ideal for many situations and settings, particularly in-home care. As the system is freestanding, there are no special structural requirements for the walls or ceilings in the room where it is used.

Free standing lift systems are available in several rail lengths and lifting capacities.


Floor Lifts

Floor lifts are patient lifts designed for maximum flexibility of use for caregivers to transfer non-weight bearing patients without the strain of manual transfers. An expandable base gives caregivers easy access when maneuvering near wheelchairs, beds, tubs toilets and more. Floor lifts are also the perfect solution for transferring patients from room to room with minimal stress and strain on the potentially fragile patient. Floor lifts create a safe and user-friendly transfer system by reducing your staff and patient's exposure to transfer-related injuries.


Sit to Stand Lift Aids

Sit to stand lifts are designed to assist caregivers in raising weight-bearing patients to a standing position without the need for manual lifting. They are an ideal patient lift for caregivers to help patients with common task like toilet visits, hand washing, and changing clothes. Our stand up lift will reduce the incidences of slips, falls, and exertion injuries in your patients and staff alike.


Independent Lifter

Designed for use with the Prism Medical Ceiling Lift, the Independent Lifter provides patients and residents with a degree of self-directed control that minimizes the need for caregiver assistance. Using a built-in hand control, this patient lift enhances the user's sense of freedom and independence. It is constructed with a stainless steel frame that offers sturdiness and durability, while providing padded torso support for comfort during use. The Independent Lifter is designed for patients with moderate upper-body strength, good cognition, and moderate head, neck, and trunk control.