Wheelchair Ramp Pricing

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Many people want to know how much a wheelchair ramp costs. The price of installing a ramp for accessibility purposes in a house or commercial space can be dependent on a few factors. Materials and configurations for the ramp are two major factors that can change the overall price. Despite these variances, the primary importance is that the ramp is safe and allows easy and secure entrance and exit.

To accurately estimate the cost of a wheelchair ramp for a home or building, a certified home accessibility specialist should perform a comprehensive evaluation. An experienced eye will examine the area for steps or uneven terrain in order to identify the optimal ramp solution for the user’s needs.

Ramp Requirements

In general, the doorway should have a level platform of 5 feet by 5 feet (except for portable ramps) to ensure a secure entryway. This also allows for easy access and movement between the ramp and home without any risks of slipping or rolling backwards due to the incline of the wheelchair ramp. Additionally, all wheelchair ramps should have a minimum width of 3 feet.

Before installation, you must consider the total rise, or vertical height, of the steps or stairs leading to the entrance. To measure the rise, you can count the steps or use a tape measure from ground level to the highest level step. Usually, one step is approximately 7-8 inches, so three steps would amount to 21-24 inches of rise. Furthermore, for each 1 inch of rise, 12 inches of ramp will be required.

Aluminum Ramp Pricing

When in need of a wheelchair ramp, an aluminum modular ramp may be the ideal solution. Not only can these ramps be moved, modified, or sold off, but due to their aluminum makeup, there is no need for painting, rust prevention, or much maintenance. Although, a sweep here and there may be necessary.

Pricing for aluminum modular wheelchair ramps start at around $1,000 and can exceed $10,000, based on the amount of metal needed and complexity of the installation site. Even without the safety addition of handrails, the price of these ramps may not necessarily decrease. The prices of these ramps are often calculated per linear or square foot.

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Choosing the Best Ramp for Your Needs

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You want a ramp to add convenience to your life, and this means helping you with mobility as well as not needing maintenance. Taking a look at your home and where you want to place the ramp can help you make sure you get the most out of it. Here are some things you need to assess before buying and installing your ramp.


The ADA recommended slope for public access & walking is a 1:12 ratio or 4.8 degrees. There are some cases where a steeper slope is okay for residential use. Make sure your ratio is comfortable and you don’t have too steep of a slope for walking or for your wheelchair. Your ramp should be about three feet wide.


Look at your space and see how much real estate you have to work with. The length of your ramp will be related to the angle of your ramp. If you have a limited amount of space, you will have a steeper angle to your ramp. For this reason, you should decide what you want your angle to be before you look at length. Once you have your angle, look at the height of the top of where you want your ramp to be. From there, some math will help you. For a standard ADA Recommended 1:12 slope ratio, for every inch of rise, you will need one foot of ramp. So if you want the top of your ramp a foot above the ground, this would be 12 inches and require 12 feet of ramp. This can be altered up to a 1:6 ratio if there is a problem with space and you are comfortable with that angle.


What do you want your ramp to be made out of? The two main options are wood and metal. Traditionally, ramps were made from wood. It has become more convenient and cost effective to install an aluminum ramp. Aluminum ramps also hold up better in the weather we see in the Pacific Northwest, where wood requires a lot of maintenance. Weather and environment are huge factors in choosing your materials, so take that into heavy consideration when looking at ramps.

If you are looking for a ramp to help improve your mobility, look to Mobility Access Options NW. We are experienced experts in mobility and will be happy to help you with finding your perfect solution to accessibility.